Thomas Hodge (2016) #audio

I've been sitting on this interview for a while now, and rather than have you guys continue to wait for the transcription I decided to release the complete and unaltered audio from my encounter with Thomas Hodge.

So, who is this Thomas Hodge? He's a film poster designer unlike any other, creating unique imagery that helps sell films and gains them invaluable coverage. As an artist he has worked for a variety of companies, but he eventually found his way to Sony. While it might seem like a neat gig, the job eventually lost its luster when the focus was moved from the artist to the game designer. Hodge explains that this is when he decided to make the jump to movie posters and adopt the brand, The Dude Designs.

Don't get me wrong, I'll eventually (maybe) have the text up, but there was no way I could continue to keep our drunken discussion within a circle of few.

For more information on The Dude Designs and his inebriated escapades check out his site HERE. Outside of that, make sure you purchase his book VHS: Video Cover Art. Its glory can only be fully handled in person and will quickly be a staple for every coffee table of the world. Trust me, don't be late to that rodeo. I'd like to thank Thomas for sitting down with me, as well as Robert Hernandez for making this all possible. Both of you are remarkable, and I can't wait for the three of us to do it all over again.

Jessie Hobson