Paul Solet (2017) #video

I've always been a fan of twists and turns in cinema, and I've always enjoyed heist movies. Most of them anyway. When I first happened upon the trailer for Bullet Head I was thrilled to see something that filled both of those boxes. Then I noticed Paul Solet listed as writer/director; is this what Heaven is like?


I've been a fan of Paul since Grace. For those that don't know Grace is an insane flick about a woman who loses her baby but decides to still have it. When the fateful day arrives, baby Grace sputters back to life. Grace isn’t like other babies though, she needs blood. Not milk. Blood. It's a hell of a ride; I'll leave it at that. Check it out if it sounds like your type of thing.

Fast forward a few projects later, and we're back on track. With Solet back in the director's chair and an all-star cast including Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, and Antonio Banderas by his side, I knew I was in for another treat with Bullet Head.


After a heist gone tragically wrong, a group of career criminals finds themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law closing in. But, inside the warehouse, a more dangerous threat awaits as the fugitives are plunged into a furious battle for their lives.

Bullet Head, Paul's latest feature, will be in theaters and on demand December 8th. If you're an animal lover, like much of the cast, I suggest you put down the eggnog and seek this one out.

A portion of the proceeds of Bullet Head will go toward eliminating dog fighting, rehabilitating its canine victims, and promoting the awareness and education about the humane treatment of man’s best friend. So, why not see a good film, and help a great cause in the process?

As requested by Paul, I will be sharing all of the information about dog donation services associated with the film as soon as they are provided. Until then though, do remember to check out THE MOVIE CRYPT’s 2nd annual SAVE THE YORKIES 48-hour live marathon!

December 8th from 10th join Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Arwen and dozens of celebrity guests during THE MOVIE CRYPT’S 2nd annual SAVE THE YORKIES 48-hour live marathon. Who knows? Maybe even some Bullet Head alum will be in attendance.

The live broadcast will be carried on ArieScope.


For their new film BULLET HEAD, starring Adrien Brody, with Antonio Banderas and John Malkovich, Rory Culkin and Alexandra Dinu, Millennium Media, Saban Films and writer-director-producer Paul Solet have partnered with NEW YORK BULLY CREW PITBULL DOG AND PUPPY RESCUE, the Long Island based animal rescue organization focused on saving abused and abandoned bully breed dogs and placing them in safe and loving permanent homes, and PAWSITIVE CHANGE, the California based rehabilitation program that matches dogs awaiting death at kill shelters with inmates inside California State Prisons, teaching the inmates to train the dogs for Canine Good Citizen Certification while working toward vocational accreditation as trainers themselves.

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Paul Solet said of the partnership, “BULLET HEAD is a lot of things – a crime drama, an action thriller, a character piece, a horror film, and one hell of a ride – but above all, it is a love letter to all of the animals and people battling against histories they didn’t write, and a search for the lessons that can set them free. NEW YORK BULLY CREW and PAWSITIVE CHANGE are organizations that embody the message at the very core of this film, and we are honored to serve as partners in their missions to rescue and rehabilitate both man and dog, and to help educate the public that no matter how far down the scale anyone may have gone, it is never too late for change.”

Jessie Hobson