Nick Antosca (2018) #video

While Nick Antosca isn't a household name, there is a huge chance you've seen (or almost seen) something he's worked on. He produced Hannibal. He wrote a few episodes of MTV's Teen Wolf. Hell, he even penned a reboot for Friday the 13th. After diving into his catalog a bit, you'll quickly find that it's definitely a shame that it never came to be. Thanks a lot, Paramount. I'm sure Sherlock Gnomes will be a big hit!

Never the less though, because of the cold feet, Nick picked the pen back up and went to work. And thank God he did, while I've only seen the first season of his anthology-type series, Channel Zero is not one to miss.


Channel Zero has made its name by taking stories that can be read rather quickly and expanding them into six-hour chapters. It really is no accident that these stories mimic the most vivid of nightmares though. Using the same team of artists that helped shape Hannibal, viewers are once again greeted to some of the darkest corners of visual storytelling.

With the third season coming to a close, it is safe to say that, Nick has finally found a home. While I'd love to see him churn out a few more films, I'm loving what he's doing on the small screen. His team is setting the bar, and because of which, it seems as if television has slowly been improving.


Nick and crew bring a certain cinematic style that, let's be honest, doesn't typically find its way to ole' boob tube. And, because of which, SyFy, for one, isn't all about sharks and tornados anymore. So, let's hope the rest of my cable package decides to follow suit. I'm looking at you, MTV.

Channel Zero: Butcher's Block finished up on March 14th, and the fourth season which will be inspired by the story "I Found a Hidden Door in my Cellar" has yet to set a premiere date.

Chances are the next season will sneak up on viewers sooner than they expect, so be prepared to have trouble sleeping, again, when the show makes a quick return, hopefully.

Jessie Hobson