Joe Begos - Bliss, The Mind's Eye, Almost Human (2019) #video

One of my favorite things about this gig is being able to see a movie and talk to the creator soon after. Sometimes the next day. This is especially cool when you get to talk to someone about a movie you liked. Or in this particular case, loved. Joe Begos has been on my radar for a bit. I was even lucky enough to be featured in one of his upcoming films, but let's jump back before we’re too far ahead.


Joe first crossed my desk back in 2013 with his release of Almost Human. I was excited to check it out, the poster looked fantastic, and I'm keen on alien flicks. So, why not? I’ve got an answer! I was attending a film festival at Alamo Drafthouse, back when the one in Houston was worth a shit. I had already seen five films that day, and Almost Human was to be my final film of my night. I had seen it all before, and at the time the film screamed mediocrity to me. It just didn’t feel special. I was exhausted and uncomfortable, but that’s not enough a reason to dislike a film, right?


Wrong! I rewatched the film in preparation for being on Begos' set, and while it isn't a five-star film, it is definitely much more fun than my tired ass gave it credit for. Both I and my girlfriend loved it and the film is pretty much our topic of choice anytime alien films get brought up. And if you know us, this happens a lot.

So, watch Almost Human, preferably not after you’ve already watched five other films. I believe it is on Amazon Prime. And if you don't have Amazon Prime, I'm sorry. It's 2019, get with the times!


So back to now, while on set for VFW I kept hearing rumblings about Bliss. I was getting press releases daily, the trailer dropped, and if I remember correctly, the film was making its premiere in New York. So, needless to say, the word was out on the film. People were excited for Bliss, but people were also excited for VFW. It was an interesting time, and you could tell everyone was happy to be working with Joe; there was an obvious electricity in the air.

Bliss was everything I had hoped for. The trailer gave you just enough to get you interested and having actually see Joe in action, it made Bliss that much more personal for me. Without giving you too much, Bliss is a deep dive in the darkness that is being an artist, and I loved every second of it. It's creative. It's dark. It's wild.

Long story short, if you have the opportunity to see Bliss, please do so, it is unlike anything I have ever seen. Begos is on to something big, and it starts with Bliss. Dark Sky Films proudly announces the September 27th theatrical and digital release of Bliss from director Joe Begos.

Jessie Hobson