Delusion (2016)


The official synopsis of Delusion is what something can be easily related to David Fincher's Gone Girl. Frank Parrillo received a letter from his wife who died three years ago. With help from his nephew, Frank decides he’s ready to start over. Soon after a mysterious woman appears who seems like a kindred spirit as they both battle internal issues. Still despite premonitions from a psychic and a man who Frank’s not sure is even real he chooses to move forward as he confronts the demons in his head. His choice could ultimately lead him to a darker reality.

Films like Delusion cannot be called as a Horror film. Delusion is a surreal scary thriller with an eerie atmosphere created around to make you sit on the edge of your seats till the end. I must also warn you the film starts on a slow note, explains all the characters, later takes the hook note! the movie makes you think and it doesn't give you the answers right away but slowly reveals it's secrets woven around.

Such movies must have strong performances, agreed! Delusion does have wonderful performances by David Grazino. He stands solid on his role and delivers what the film needed. The character does vary, but David's generated performance doesn't make you feel that way. Jami Tanille, another lovely performer who makes you believe at times the part Mary was created for her. Other actors too were equally good.

The film had Neo-Noir styled cinematography especially using the Blue Tone. The tone set for the movie enhances the storytelling and characterization beautifully. The background score required something more fresh according to me. Delusion definitely needed a good score and a little more decent production values.

Filmmaker Christopher Di Nunzio (Who also wrote the film) sensibly and wonderfully tackles a movie which can go awfully wrong if one smallest aspect is rolled out or missed. The director is a master when it comes to churning out performances, I deeply understood after watching Delusion.

If I am concluding this review, let me also admit here very frankly, the movie is certainly not for everyone. And if you like creepy supernatural surreal or fantasy horrors, definitely check this one out.

I warn you again, Delusion is slow... but an honest-good film to watch!

Vaalee Supreet Nair