Besetment (2017)

CineDump Rating: ★★★

CineDump Rating: ★★★

Here arrives another movie from distributors Uncork'd Entertainment who just gave us American Exorcism a couple of weeks back. Besetment is a horror/thriller written and directed by Brad Douglas as his debut feature.

The film's official synopsis speaks of a story about Amanda Millard (Abby Wathen), desperate for a job, takes a maid position at the Oregon Hotel in the creepy, backcountry town of Mitchell, Oregon. Owners Mildred Colvin (Marlyn Mason) and her weird son Billy (Michael Meyer) seem nice enough at first. But once Amanda discovers their real intentions, a struggle to make a living turns into a fight for her life.

The minute you start watching this movie, you immediately realize this one to be made on a very small budget. But whatever the outcome was, the film is really good according to me. The film had very less amount of characters (Of course, maybe for it's constrained budget) and it was very straight and had a simple approach towards its screenplay. The duration of the movie (76 Minutes, or so) played a very important part here because of such films, if you stretch them more, becomes a real pain!

If I talk about performances, I will mark every actor who performed their part really very well. But the film belongs mostly to the two characters... Abby Wathen and Marlyn Mason for sure.

Abby Wathen is very good as a desperate woman seeking for a job and trying her level best to cut off her horrible relation strings from her mother. Abby's chemistry with other characters is equally good and defined. On the other hand, Marlyn Mason plays a sadist woman who will go to any limits to get her son married and produce a child. Any limits? You will find that out in the movie which when after I found out, I was in a Shock! Mason is really terrific as a performer! 


The camera work (Chuck Greenwood) in the movie was really good despite a small budget movie. The shots and the scene taking were very well justified. I would personally give a special shout for this movie's Production Value and Locations used in it. I was very much impressed by it. The score of the movie was routine and for the first time, I felt, when the score was playing, the film sounded to me on a slow pace. The editor (Greg James) also did a fantastic job by keeping the scenes to the point and not using extra added footage for its length.

First time (feature film) director Brad Douglas wrote a decent screenplay and made a good movie especially with some terrific performers that one needs to watch. This one maybe not a mind blowing affair for some, but surely this one would be liked because of it's fresh screenplay and effort under a minimum budget.

Do check this one out as it will surely satisfy your hunger for something unique Psycho/Bates Motel kinda scare!

Vaalee Supreet Nair