Ash Von Horror (2017) #WiHM

For Women in Horror Month, CineDump has brought you interviews from some of the genre’s greatest ladies (and stay tuned... there’s still half a month left) but this Monday, we wanted to take some time to showcase an up and coming artist. Ash Von Horror has had a social media presence for several years, and she’s been wowing followers and fans with her screen ready makeup effects. Her creations are as lovely as they are macabre, often mixing the disturbingly sexual with just plain disturbing. The repertoire of her designs includes female friendly takes on established horror icons as well as her own unique designs.

I was fascinated with the way her work explores the powerful, dauntingly dark side of feminine sexuality, and after learning about her work, I was stunned when I couldn’t find any information about her art or career. So, to remedy this, I reached out to Ash Von Horror who graciously agreed to participate. Enjoy the interview and Ash Von Horror’s thoughtful responses.

Pennie Sublime: You're a self-taught artist. How did you become interested in horror themed makeup?

Ash Von Horror: I've always been interested in the horror genre as a whole. I started watching horror movies at a VERY young age, because it fascinated me. A Nightmare on Elm Street is sole responsible for my love of horror. So with horror I took it into something else I love to do which is makeup and combined them, best of both worlds.

PS: How have you grown your skills as an artist?

AH: I practice fairly often and always ask friends for honest feedback, so I know what to work on or what to challenge myself with. I've definitely have gotten better, but I still need improvement, which there's always room for.

PS: Do you have any plans for introducing your art to a wider audience?

AH: This is something I debate on a constant basis. For one it'd be cool to do so, but also for now, I do it as a hobby, and sometimes when you have worlds collide, it can cause too much chaos. For now, I'm happy with the small amount of attention I receive, easier to respond to.

PS: Why do you think horror imagery is so magnetic to people?

AH: Horror, in my opinion, is still pretty taboo when it comes to the genres. I think most people are drawn to it, because it still has that element of surprise and unpredictability. It draws me in, because I'm into the macabre.

PS: What's your favorite horror book/movie of 2016?

AH: Stephen King's End of Watch. I love Stephen King, he's responsible for so many nightmares (I say this as a compliment). As for movies, my personal favorites were The Conjuring 2, Lights Out and Pride & Prejudice and Zombies.