Aminah Iman (2017) #WiHM

Few things have the power of the written word. I don’t know about you, but I can endure the most terrible visions when they’re projected on a screen, but when I read them, they get buried so deep in my imagination, my brain starts growing fear-tentacled-Chtululike-dendrites and I become a proverbial nervous wreck. I’ve watched all kinds of “extreme” horror, but I had to put down both Lauren Beukes’ Broken Monsters and Henry James’ Turn of the Screw because they were so unsettling. Oh, don’t judge me-- I saw you look away during that gnarly eye-gouge in Baskin, tough guy. Most entertainers don’t realize that the mind is the greatest horrorshow, and when we give it room to play, it never disappoints us.

This is something writer and CEO of Red Ink Publications knows well. Aminah Iman has helmed the all-female staffed publishing company since 2015, and has written several horror novels herself. Focusing on mythology, dark fantasy, and the supernatural, her books, and those of her dedicated staff, bend genres in their exploration of the horrific. The four ladies that comprise Red Ink Publications handle all of the publishing company’s needs, from editing, graphic design, writing, to promotion and sales. They seek to tell terrifying stories from the perspective of strong, complex women while never shying away from equally compelling female villains.

Aminah Iman is fascinated with the way words influence readers, and she celebrates this through her body of work. Browse Red Ink’s offerings, and to learn more about the woman who leads it all, read on.

Pennie Sublime: What made you interested in writing/publishing horror fiction?

Aminah Iman: As a child I was always fascinated in horror. I started out with the movies and went to Fear Street books and Goosebumps books, to writing my own scary short stories. The Idea that the written word can actually put fear into people fascinated me.

PS: How have you seen the place of women in horror change since you first became involved in the industry?

AI: I have actually. In the beginning it seemed as if women in horror was mainly as the victim falling as she's running from the monster whereas to now you see them fighting back, winning, actually writing, producing horror movies/ books. It has been an amazing progression.

PS: Where do you see the state of women in horror in the next ten years?

AI: Taken over completely. (laughs) Okay I'm just kidding, I see a  more aggressive role where they are not just the victim--where in books and movies they are more of the heroine. I would also like to see more of the women being the monster and the bad guy in movies and in books.

PS: What makes Red Ink Publication stand out from other horror publishers?

AI: First of all Red Ink Publications is founded by females, all of the authors are female and in writing the books we put a spin on the traditional horror book. We'll add Science Fiction, historical fiction, and Greek mythology to the horror to make it more interesting. We also have several books that cross over with one another, a lot of our characters intertwine with each other, and make appearances in different books.

PS: What was your favorite horror book/movie of 2016?

AI: As far as my favorite horror movie for 2016, my favorite one was 'Hush' I tend to be more frightened by movies that are plausible. Hush was a movie that could actually happen. So that a favorite for 2016. My favorite horror book from 2016 was Yours Truly, by Omega. She put a different spin on Jack The Ripper by making her a woman and the meaning behind the killings were so deep that it made it ridiculously evil.

Thank you so much for your interest in me and in Red Ink Publications. I appreciate it!