Dave Sheridan (2019) #video

Dave and I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone, and by the time we decided we had had enough of each other, it felt like I was talking to an old friend. And when I say old, I mean old! Only kidding, Dave. For those that don't know, Dave has had an extensive career. He jumped onto our television screens back in the early 90s, but his comedic styles have been around long before that. For instance, while with The Second City, he wrote, directed and produced Dave Sheridan's America, a popular multimedia stage show. This is where most of his popular characters were first molded, one of those being Doofy.

Dave's role in Scary Movie is probably his most known, but that's a shame because he's been a part of so much other solid stuff throughout the years. Ghost World, The Devil's Rejects, Frank McKlusky and that's just to name a few. I guess what I'm getting at is if you see Dave's name attached to anything, you should probably take note, and while the film might not be the best one on the rack, you can sure as hell bet, that at the very least, Dave's performance is worth the price of admission... or the rental fee... or whatever you kids are doing these days.

More recently, I've seen in a for horror films. Victor Crowley was basically made for me. I was a fan of the series, and I'm sure most of you know I lust for all things Adam Green. So, while my review of that film is somewhat biased, I was pleased to see Dave pop up in the film. He plays a want-to-be actor named Dillon, and without a doubt, this role was one Dave was born to play. So, while I loved the film, pretty much any scene that didn't consist of Crowley was stolen by Dillon. And that is all I am gonna say about that one, because you should do yourself a favor, set aside a weekend and knock out the entire Hatchet series, one after the other. You know my Venmo, Adam.


And now on to Blood Craft, so while the budget shines through with this one, I'd say this is James Cullen Bressack's most polished film. I've seen a handful of his other features, and this is, by far, the best one. I will say though, that this has A LOT to do with the cast. Sure, Dave was one of those factors. But not only him, Augie Duke was great, Madeleine Wade was fantastic, and even the dude from Twilight, Michael Welch, went insanely nuts. It feels like James took his time with this one, overall the film feels a bit more complete than his other works because of which. So, if you're looking for an interesting, and well-acted exorcism film, don't pass on Blood Craft.


Fun fact, while writing this, I discovered that Dave and I share birthdays. So... we're officially best friends now, right? Either way, I really enjoyed the conversation. I don't think I've ever gone from talking about how old and depressed I am to happily discussing how Sean Connery basically rapes women when portraying James Bond. Long story short, check out Blood Craft. It is playing festivals through March, and then it will be available on digital platforms on April 9th. Also, look for Beyond White Space! I just ordered a copy myself, so I can't say much about it, but Dave said turned out to be a pretty badass little film, and that is good enough for me.

Jessie Hobson