Andrew Bryniarski's Official Response to THE Official Response

When I first heard Andrew Bryniarski suggested that CineDump's Jason Howard "suck Gunnar's dead nutz" I knew I had to see what this guy was about. Plus, I like Batman Returns, so why not give Leatherface 2.0 the time of day, right? The following is a messenger exchange I had with Andrew concerning his recent status updates and reaction to Gunnar Hansen's death.

That's the video Andrew requested that I share with our audience. So, is that what all the fuss is about? Sure he's an ass, but we still want to interview him. We want Andrew to be heard. We'll let him talk shit about Gunnar, and we'll print every word. But, we want our questions answered too. So, Andrew, if you want to talk openly, without judgement, about whatever it is that's bothering you, we have a forum ready when you are.

We strongly urge our readers to contact Andrew HERE on our behalf. We're serious when we say we want to get to the bottom of this whole debacle.

Jessie Hobson