Mold! (2012)

CineDump Rating: ★★★½

CineDump Rating: ★★★½

Mold! comes to us from newcomer Neil Meshino and stars a bunch of people you’ve probably never heard of. While most readers would tune out now, please don’t, because Mold! is definitely worth your time. And what a messy time it is. Meschino, co-writer/director, unleashes a hefty amount of blood, guts and enough slime to make Nickelodeon blush.

So what are we dealing with exactly? Set in 1984, when the war on drugs was at an all time high, the story concerns a genetically engineered strain of mold developed by the government to wipe out Colombian coca fields. Unfortunately, during a small demonstration, the mold gets out of control and proves to eat not just the vegetation but human flesh as well. Are you hooked yet? I must admit that after we popped this one it took a little bit to grab my interest, but while Mold! has a bit of a slow set up, when it kicks in, it doesn’t look back.

While the effects aren’t the best, it still adds to the overall appeal of this, what could be, cult classic. Production knew what they had and rather than waste money throwing it at computer graphics they went with a more minimal approach. By opting to go a bit more practical, Mold! drives home the idea that this is an obvious love letter that would make most horror hounds’ mouths water.

Still, while the effects are simple, they work extremely well. While Mold! might not be the latest entry in the Nuke ‘Em High series, I could easily see Uncle Lloydie giving his stamp of approval. Don’t get me wrong -Mold! is a budget title, but Meshino brings a high degree of craft and aesthetic ingenuity to what otherwise would be a forgotten flick.

The obvious highlight of the film, to me anyway, was the motley assortment of scientists and government officials who are trying to figure out a way to contain the murderous mildew. Edward X. Young plays a hard-nosed, cigar-chomping colonel who dishes out more one liners than a Twitter comedian. He along with the crooked congressman played by James Murphy had me rolling for most of the feature. While pretty much all of the cast was entertaining, it was these two who are the biggest assets to an already capable cast. The dialogue was on point, and the writing was top tier for the most part.

While on the surface Mold! may appear to be just another Troma clone, but I have to say its been a while since I’ve encountered something with so much heart. You could easily tell that everyone involved had a good time putting this together. Mold! may not perfect, but it gets enough right to be entertaining for anyone willing to give it a shot.

If Mold! sounds like something you’d be interested in checking out, do so. Because I assure you, you will not be disappointed. That being said, I could easily see this as being the next midnight staple at your local cinema, but if you want to be one step ahead of the game, Mold! is currently available on both DVD and VHS. Check out Wild Eye Releasing and order your copy today.

Jessie Hobson