Comicpalooza (2016)

In many ways, Comicpalooza is my second Christmas. I tend to salvage action figures, run into people I'd rather avoid, and drink because I'm lonely. I kid, I kid... I'm not lonely, I just have a problem. Moving on, like any other year I've had CP on my calendar for months now, and the weekly additions to the guest list only add to my anticipation. Let's see, this year we had the cast of Aliens, Charlie Hunnam, a few of the Horsemen, and a partridge in a pear tree. See, Christmas, told ya!

While on the topic of Charlie though, I think it's great that CP righted the wrong of those we don't speak. That recent Houston convention was probably the worst I've ever experienced, and it was great to see an organization come together for not only the fans but our city as well. What I'm really saying is, props to Comicpalooza for bringing Charlie rather than the Chewbacca Mom. And while most of my experience was perfect, there were still a few things that I thought could be improved upon for next year.


When you go to enough of these things you begin to make friends, and most of my Friday was spent making friends and/or meeting up with people that I had only met virtually. It was actually a pretty neat experience. Much like a high-school reunion, the showroom floor became a who's who of my Facebook wall for a good part of Friday. Speaking of friends, I was finally able to check out Lars the Emo Kid directed by Houston's own, Joe Grisaffi. It was fantastic, and I'm not just saying that because Joe is such a sexy guy. Seriously, seek this one out!

The panels were pretty great, but who wouldn't love Kel Mitchell shouting ALL of his trademark phrases at the top of his lungs or Sean Patrick Flanery talking about putting donuts around his dick. The Top Banana Stole the show and the belt over at Doomsday Wrestling. Of course! Best of all, I was able to give Dad a Father's Day gift he could brag to the neighbors about.

welcome to #goodburger, home of the good burger! #comicpalooza #kelmitchell

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In the end though, Comicpalooza was a just another huge learning experience. I learned how to moonwalk from Lou Ferrigno. I learned Carl Weathers liked Creed, but loathed Michael B. Jordan. And lastly, I learned that The Comedian CAN be sexier than Catwoman.


I know this is a nitpick, but seven bucks for a beer? Perhaps I should just bring a cooler next year. I'm not condoning that, I'm merely suggesting it. Do as I say or something. Not that the pricing stopped me from having a good time, I just thought that was a bit steep for 12 ounces. But, I guess if you'll shell out a few bills for the first appearance of Gambit and a handshake from Bill Paxton then a couple extra bucks isn't really all that bad. What'd you guys think?

Speaking of alcohol, while most of the bartenders were elite, a few didn't know how to mix a proper drink. Sometimes you crave a Bloody Mary at a comic book convention, am I right? Outside of that I can't really think of much... it seemed like everyone was wearing deodorant this year, and if they weren't they mostly came out at night. Mostly.


I attended Alan Oppenheimer's panel, and I'm not sure if the moderator wasn't prepared or just nervous. I mean, the guy was nice enough, but when you're hosting the guy who voiced my childhood, I expect a heightened attention to detail. Luckily, Mr. Oppenheimer can hold his own, he answered questions ranging from Skeletor to The Smurfs with a playful bit of charm for the entire hour. So, while this particular Q&A wasn't ruined, it's very possible that had not the talent been as interactive, things could had went sour quickly.

While on the subject of talent though, let's discuss Tara Reid. I'm being sarcastic, or am I just bad at transitions? You may never know! Anyway, what a train-wreck! I mean, I get it, you're at a con, let's have some fun, but please wait until after the panel. YOUR panel. Although a lot of her speech was slurred, the conversation was still somewhat understandable... and fairly entertaining.

So, ultimately, not a bad showing from Comicpalooza and team. A lot of the bad wasn't all that bad, and to be totally honest, this was probably my best Houston-con experience to date. My Dad had a great Father's day, and I drank enough alcohol to kill a horse, so things could definitely be worse. I mean it could have been a Space City Con.

While I have the floor though, could I maybe suggest some Game of Thrones actors for our next gathering? Maybe a little Natalie Dormer action? If not, that's fine, at least I'll have something bad to write about next time. In all seriousness, we appreciate the invite. So, I guess this officially begins the countdown to next year, we'll see you then.

Jessie Hobson