Tiffany Shepis (2018) #video

Tiffany Shepis has been on my radar for some time. I mean, she's been doing genre flicks since 1996, so how could I not know who she is? I hate to say this though, it wasn't until her incredible performance in Victor Crowley that I took any real notice. We get into it a bit during the interview, but her portrayal of Casey was unlike anything she had ever done.


Because I am of pretty much obsessed with anything Adam Green touches, I knew there was something special about Shepis, and as soon as we started talking, it is pretty obvious that while she is an amazing actress, she's also one of the most charming people I've ever had the pleasure to speak with. If she hadn't already gained a fan with Crowley, she definitely won me over with her charm. That being said, I now shamefully have to add a ton of Tiffany's flicks to my watchlist.

I wish we could have talked more about what we've been watching, but I knew Tiffany had a film to promote. So, if you're one of her many supporting fans, check out Killer Kate. It features a female-driven cast including actresses Danielle Burgess and Alexandra Feld. The film marks the feature film debut from director Elliot Feld, who co-wrote the film with Daniel Moya. Killer Kate will be in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on October 26, 2018. Check out Matt’s review of Killer Kate HERE.

Jessie Hobson