Munro Chambers (2018) #video

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Family or not, it's always nice to speak to a fellow Canadian. We're just happier people. Funnier too. Considering that Drake is too busy thinking he's Irish and chasing underage girls on Instagram, Canada has an open spot at the top just for Munro. And, while I had to excuse the fact that he was from Ontario, it was fairly easy to overlook considering the Hollywood hitters Munro has worked alongside. Robert De Niro and Robin Williams are just a few of the names you'll see plastered next to "Munreezy" on some of the DVD box-art.

While the Degrassi-alum has moved away from teen/romance television and onto more serious roles, he still enjoys the small screen if the role is right. Either way though, Munro is a busy guy. Between trampolining with this twin brother, Munro has five different projects that are either just starting or are near completion right now. One of those projects is Turbo Kid 2, the follow up to the indie smash hit Turbo Kid (duh), which launched Munro into many midnight movie aficionado's radars back in 2015. If you haven't seen it, do it now. Think Mad Max ON bicycles, that's really all you need to know.


WAIT! Listen to the interview first! We DO talk about Turbo Kid, so if I didn't sell it enough, maybe Munro can help with the pitch. Hell, it's getting a sequel, so it had to kinda be good, right?

Although I was a bit disappointed that Munro wouldn't spill the beans on TK2, it really was nice to talk to him. I mean, his performance in Knuckleball is an interesting step for him, so it was cool to get to touch base about that. Plus, the rest of the cast is fantastic too. It has one of the creepy kids from the first season of Candle Cove, and as both myself and Munro say, Luca, the creepy kid, has a promising future.

So, if you have seen Turbo Kid, and you're curious about Munro's range as an actor, then Knuckleball is the film for you. Check out Knuckleball today and impress all the neckbeards at the midnight showing of TK2 when that comes out in 2019.

Freestyle Digital Media released the horror film Knuckleball in theaters and On Demand / Digital HD on October 5, 2018.

Jessie Hobson