Samantha Mathis (2018) #video


While I've only seen 66 films at this point, 2018 has been the year of ups and downs as far as movies go, but a new feature, Eighth Grade, has helped me assume that the remaining months might still have some treasures hidden away. While I took a break from the theater and focused mostly on television recently, Bo Burnham's opus of adolescence still managed to shine through the barrage of comic book adaptations that paint the bright lights these days.

In most of the reviews I've read, Elsie Fisher is praised highly, and because I haven't seen the film, I can't attest to this just yet. If the trailers hold true, I'm sure she is fine though. But what I can already conclude is that her co-star, Luke Prael, is having quite the year. While Luke made his debut in the 2016 short, Boy in a Backpack, it seems that 2018 just might be his year. He's featured in not only the aforementioned Eighth Grade, but he's also the lead in Boaz Yakin's horror jaunt, Boarding School.

We're not here to talk about either Elsie or Luke though, we're here to talk about Samantha Mathis. At this point I bet you're asking yourself why the hell I introduced this interview like that. To which I would respond, I HAVE THE MICROPHONE AND YOU DON'T! While I probably should have focused more on her recent works, I decided to exercise my rebel and ask about the shit that I wanted to know, also known as "the things Samantha has probably been asked a million times". But here's the thing, if you give me someone that worked even remotely near the Mario Bros. movie set, I'm gonna ask about it.

Wasn't she a doll? Thank you Princess Daisy for humoring me with the dated discussions of American Pyscho, Super Mario Brothers, and Fern Gully. Considering that we were probably supposed to dive further into Boarding School, please check it out, in theaters and on demand on August 31, 2018.

Boarding School stars Will Patton (Halloween, Armageddon), Samantha Mathis, SEE ABOVE (The Punisher), Luke Prael, Sterling Jerins (The Conjuring, World War Z) and Nadia Alexander (Blame, Netflix's "Seven Seconds"). From the producers of American Honey and Freak Show, Boarding School was written and directed by Boaz Yakin (Now You See Me, Remember the Titans).

Jessie Hobson