Lyle Blackburn (2018) #video


Enter Lyle Blackburn. To many, he looks like just another gun-toting Texan, but in reality, he's THE cryptozoologist to the stars. Lyle has dealt with some of folklore's heaviest hitters including the likes of Bigfoot and The Mothman. 

When he isn't hunting monsters out in the woods, Lyle writes for books and columns. He's also a musician. As a musician, Lyle started with the group Solitude Aeturnus, first as the drummer and then as the bassist. He left to found The Killcreeps and then later Ghoultown. He is still the lead singer/guitarist for the western-horror-punk band Ghoultown.

Not that his music isn't good, but let's get back to the cool stuff. Lyle has been featured on numerous television shows airing on Animal Planet, Destination America, Discovery Science, and A&E. In his work with Monsters and Mysteries in America, he served as both consulting producer and special episode host.

Quite the resume, eh? I ran into Lyle at the Southwest's premier horror convention, Texas Frightmare Weekend, and he was nice enough to sit down with me to discuss, among other things, how living in Texas impact's his career, how he makes time to juggle all of his projects, and what to expect next from him and his team of filmmakers.

If you like what you hear, look for Lyle in the new series, Strange Evidence, airing on the Discovery Science channel. Check your local listings.


Also, The Small Town Monsters documentary film, which was co-written and narrated by Lyle, is now available. Click HERE to check it out!  And lastly, Lyle's latest book is available now. Click HERE for more info on the book and find out where you can order it today.

Seriously, is it too late to sell my house and start hunting monsters?

Jessie Hobson